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1:01 a.m. - 2004-10-24
into the wayback machine

So I took the bus home from work in the rain today because my cars in the shop.* I made myself a tunafish sandwhich and a glass of applejuice and sat down on the livingroom floor to play some Atari Adventure** and SUDDENLY! I was 8 years old again. Seriouosly, how many times have I, and half the kids in america, had this same day? You take the bus home from school, mom makes you a tuna sammich and a glass of applejuice, and you sit, not on the couch or chairs but on the floor right in front of the tv the way that supposedly ruins your eyes, because its too rainy and cold to go play outside. And I did want to go play outside. I wanted to ride my bike around the block a few times for the sheer unladylike joy of speed and of splashing. I love the way the senses tie into memory. It felt wonderful.

This is my bike. I havent named her yet. I tried to shoo the cat out of the way but he wanted to be in the picture. His name is Yossarian.

*Oh yeah! I have a car! My dad bought me an old well used Ford Taurus as an incentive to finally get my drivers liscence and appearantly it worked because now I have one of those too. Her name is Babe the blue ox, because she is blue, and a taurus, and I was raised by a punster. I will post pictures of her when I get her back. The two combined will be my gasoline powered loophole out of the catch-22 of wage slavery. I am so. fucking. close. to freedom. I cant quite taste it, but I can definitely see it from here.

It was not easy. I barely passed. The patheticness of it taking this long will not dampen my pride! Of course the guy behind the counter who issued me my temp liscence felt the need to inform that he got his liscence within 2 weeks of coming over from the Phillipines. Thanks. Fucker. And now within a few weeks of fiiiiiiinally getting my liscence, the car dies. Dads paying for that too though. Heh. Normally I do not accept pity from anyone! But when that pity comes in the form of a car, who am I to say no? I feel like such a spoiled brat, but this is necissary and I will pay him back. I just have to keep telling myself that.

**I totally kicked the game's ass. One might say I beat it like it owed me money, once I figured out that the ] [ looking thing was a bridge and not, as I thought, a sheild.

(P.S. Frankenberry cereal is like, twice as good with vanilla soy milk isntead of cow milk. Just so you know.)


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