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12:06 a.m. - 2004-10-29
Reunited (and it feels so good)

So here she is, my poor beleaguered Babe:

One week and $1031.94 later, (thanks Dad!) we are both happily humming along. No more waiting for buses for hours in the rain for me, suckers! No more walking 3 miles home carrying heavy bags. No more begging for rides. I can listen to my own music and take naps on my breaks, instead of sitting in the breakroom having to listen to mexican soap operas. Unfortuntately its one less reasonable-sounding excuse for being late for work.

So yeah, not only did I not get fired as I thought and secretly hoped I would be, I had an interview today with a some of my supervisors to see if I'm the right person for a job opening in the cash office. I asked about it, since its pretty much the same thing I used to do at my last job, and they seemed happy to hear that. I think the interview went pretty well, and I'm pretty sure I'm the most qualified candidate, but its still about 50/50 whether I'll get it after they review my attendance and tardiness record, to say nothing of my credit score. I expect anyday now they'll come back to me and say "Ha ha...NO! As a matter of fact, step away from the cash register..." which'll be fine with me. I thought it would be good to have a higher paying job and get off of the sales floor for awhile whilst I look for another job but after hearing the job description I think not. What I heard was -figuratively speaking mind you- that instead of merely fucking me up the ass, they'd now want to anally fist me without any lube, and then shit in my mouth, and only pay me $1 an hour more. To this I say no thank you Sir. Its not bloody worth it, and I will continue to seek elswhere and eventually ESCAPE! RETAIL!

Oooh, thats going to get me some fun google hits.

I broke into my halloween candy early. (You can tell, cant you?) Did you know they changed the green Runts from lime to watermelon??? This makes me very sad. Lime was my favorite. Between them, the Reeses peanutbutter cups, and those little mellowcreme pumpkins, I plan on falling into a blissfull little sugar coma as soooooon as my laundrys done.

If I dont post again in time, Happy Halloween everybody.


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