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3:42 p.m. - 2005-02-10
Angels and Visitaions: (or, I Left My Dignity in San Francisco)
This weekend (and my involvement in certain activities therein) has already been briefly and beautifully recounted twice by people far more skilled with words than I, so I will spare you all a third. I will only say that I'd have put up with twice as much crap just to spend half as much time with the lovely Miss Luva. Here pictured with my personal saviour, the good Reverend Klugarsh:

Speaking of, I can always tell when Der Klug has been in my house. He may not have actually been the one who inverted my mother's cricifix fridge magnet but I suspect his presence was somehow involved.

In other news I have been playing with my beloved new scanner, some resulting images I will post below, and the rest of which you may view by clicking the link to my page, below and to the left there. If so inclined.

That is a self portrait I did in a college photo class a few years back and am very pleased with.

And this is me as a wee little kitten about 15 years ago now. Im the one to the right holding the flower in the pale green dress. The boy in the lawn chair grew up to be the mohawked lad with the BS in math I mentioned a few entries back. The rest are a few of my many many cousins.
I'm told I still look almost exactly the same. Just, you know, like 3 feet taller. And with boobs.


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