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10:55 p.m. - 2005-03-02
Babe (1990-2005) RIP
Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Babe the Blue Ox. She was born a Ford Taurus in America in 1990. She was a good car, sturdy, faitful, hardworking, and underneath her rough exterior she concealed a sound system with a 10 disk CD chager in the trunk. Even as her engine silently weakened she cheerfully trasnported me to work and back every day, never complaining, never giving up until finally it was more than she could bare. The mechanics did everthing they could to save her but it was too late. If theres a heaven where cars go to then I'm sure General Lee and KITT, that car from nightrider are up there waiting for her with opened doors. Except Genenral Lee, his doors didnt open you had to jump in through the windows like NASCAR racers.

Heres where she used to sleep. The landlord used to complian all the damned time about the spot on the floor from where her radiator was leaking so I dumped an entire bag of kitty litter on the floor and kicked it around a little just to shut him up. Now with Babe gone the local cats have started using it for its obvious purpose. Im totally just leaving it there because 1: thats funny. and 2: I no loger have a reason to go into the garage so the only people who have to deal with it are the neighboors who have the parking spot next to mine, and theyre assholes.

Heres where I knocked a chunck out of the wall and scratched a good portion of her paint off all the way down the side reapetedly while trying to park in this stupid tiny ass little spot. She didnt hold it against me though. Sweet little thing. She always forgave me.
And here is the first and only ticket we ever got together. luvabeans and his-holiness were there for that one. I'm sure we'll all miss her deeply.
(I feel hella goulish saying this but damn, you KNOW I'm taking that stereo out before we donate the rest of her.)
In other news I made vegetarian fried rice from scratch for dinner tonight:

If you even try to tell me that doesnt look appetizing you are cold lying. Or you dont like fried rice. Awww yeaaah, I gots the MAD culinary skillllz.
Also, theres a good chance I may be fired tomorrow, and I'm rather looking forward to it. More on that as it comes. Goodnight everybody, and before you go to sleep, make sure your car knows how much you love it.


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