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1:22 p.m. - 2004-01-01
Pirate booty
Hi. How ya doin'? Long time no see huh? Bet you'de given up on me. I know its been forever scince I updated but it seems I can only live my life OR write about it. Lord I've been busy! What with classes ending and then work and the holidays, which have a way of forcing everything else off to the side of the road.

Anyway, heres the important bit, my haul this year:

From my Dad I got a digital camera! A little olympia point and shoot dealie, with an extra memory card and all the cords and all for hooking it up to my computer. As soon as I sort it all out I'll upload and link, and then you can see pics of all these people I'm talking about. Right now I cant stop playng with it. I keep taking pictures of myself making faces.

My Mama got me tons of clothes, a "where the wild things are" shirt, a black kind of '80s punk looking shirt, a long black ballgown skirt with swirlies all over it, a new grey hoodie, and for some reason, a velour work-out outfit. Yeah. I'm sure her intentions were good.

My sister says she got me the "Six Feet Under" DVD set (lovelovelove), but we're still waiting for it to arrive.

My cousin Skip bought got me Beck's "Sea Changes" and the Samurai Jack premiere movie. Both off of my amazon wishlist. Damn, Samurai Jack is one sexy sexy little cartoon man.

My aunt and her wife got me a pretty little vase thingy from IKEA, and some joygasmic Ghiradelli dark chocolate.

One Grandma gave me a check and a sparkly suncatcher from Maui, and the other got me a $100 gift certificate to my favorite clothing store. I went in to get another pair of khakis for work, a pair of jeans for me, and a strapless bra. $204.86 later I walk out with said jeans, khakis and strapless bra, and also 6 pairs of panties and a nice, pretty black top with sparkly red designs all over it. I told Dan about it on the phone on the way home and he said: "Oh good, more clothes. To add to your clothes collection. So You'll have MORE 'nothing to wear'." Which was unfairly accurate of him.

Geoff got me the "Neverwhere" DVD set, which is the coolest thing, and I watched it with some friends last night whilst drinking entirely too much champegne.

heidiann got me "the nightmare before christmas" on DVD and a sleek and stylish little black cat statue thingy, and good dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate in a way that cant be natural. In the card she sent with it was a sticker with the pirate skull and crossbones, which read underneath "just a pirate chasing booty." This sticker is brilliant and is going on my car (not actually MINE, strictly speaking, but my father's) as soon as I razor off the tacky-as-hell cowgirl stickers my sister put on it. Pirates beat cowgirls any day of the week.

Jen got me a super-cool astronomy calender, and I felt bad because I hadnt gotten her anything because I wasnt expecting to see her so soon. But then genius struck and I gave her one of my friends, which I consider to be more than a fair trade. Thats right Dan, youre worth more than a calender. Just dont let it give you a big head.


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