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1:17 p.m. - 2004-01-31
Santa baby...
Not that I'm not very very greatful for all the Xmas presents I got this year, because I am, but this is the kind of stuff I REALLY wanted:

1. Lots and LOTS of cash.

2. Plenty of free time to spend it in.

3. A better job. Anything that does not repeatedly injure and/or humiliate me, and pays more than minimum wage would be acceptible. To his very great credit Dan did take a shot at getting me this.

4. For my Dad's girlfriend to die in a fire.

4. Smaller feet. So I can wear cuter shoes. And maybe a smaller ass while youre at it.

5. A new knee. They can rebuild me, stronger, faster, they have the technology! I'm only 23 years old and already theres a good chance I will never dance, run, study martial arts, hike, or even walk without a limp ever again.

6. Luke AND Owen Wilson. Possibly at the same time.

7. Lots of sex and plenty of orgasms. With a drastically decreased percentage of said orgasms being self-enduced.

8. Supergold membership. No, I do NOT expect anyone to actually get me this. No more so than anything else on this list. I'm just sayin', I really, REALLY want one. Mmmmmm....banner ads....::drool::


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