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2:19 a.m. - 2003-10-24
I (heart) Mike Ricci

I'm about to be reduced to sleeping on the couch in my own damn house, not because of any misbehaviour on my part but because I'm afraid of my bed, or rather, the fucking ENORMOUS spider therein. It was on my ceiling and I tried to kill it, but it eluded me and jumped down into the folds of my sheets where it hides still, waiting, full to dripping over with poison and vengence. Spiders are proof that god hates me specifically.

Other than that I've had an amazing night. Rose scored 4 free tickets to a Sharks game, 2 nosebleed seats and 2 seats in the 6th row, right behind the goal. We drew toothpicks (Rose, myself, Rich and Brian) and Rose and I got the crappy seats, but the arena was pretty empty so after the first period we snuck down to where the boys were sitting and energized by our new vantige point, so close to the action you could hear the skates scraping the ice, we screamed profanites until our throats were sore, and even got on the big jumbotron-whatever-screen-dealie. Lots of action in the second half but way too many penalties against SJ. In the end they tied 3-3 against Chicago, but the past couple of seasons not-losing is about the best we can ask for from our boys. I love them so much, but they keep breaking my heart.

In other news I've let my subscription to playboy expire. Was I the only person who really used to read it for the articles? There was a time when all the best new authors were publishing short stories and serials in there, now its just a bunch of empty-looking blonde girls standing around, and why are they always blonde??? Where have all the redheads gone? If I wanted porn I'de get some PORN. With fucking and facials and girl-on-girl action. Also pirates. Why isnt there any pirate porn? If somebody doesnt make some soon I'm just going to start producing it myself.

Which reminds me.... heidiann and I are looking for a crew of scurvy, salty seamen. (Freudian slip but im leaving it in. ) Thats right, a jolly pirate's crew! The caribbean is just too obvious, but I hear the south china sea is good for plundering. So, we shall forsake these mundane lives of wage slavery to roam the seven seas! YA-HAAARRR!! Whos with us???? We are now accepting applications.


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