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12:23 a.m. - 2003-10-16
B.A.S.H recap

Has it really been 23 days scince I last updated?!?!?! Sweet zombie Christ! Alright, well, let me try to catch you up a bit....

The very, very, very observant among you will have noticed that I added a new button up there at the top, that says "SEEKR" and I highly recommend you click it and explore the joy there-in. This is somewhat self-promoting since I may soon be a part of that fine organization. A few weeks ago was that party I was advertising at the bottom of the screen, and it was amazing! Usually I hate partys of lots of people I dont know, I'm not that big on techno (etc.) music and so basically I only went because the people throwing it were my friends so I was obligated. Had a really great time nonetheless. The DJs were really good, as were the original paintings and decorations all over the place.

The theme was "Broke Ass Super Heroes" and we were all supposed to come in costume. The idea being you take an aspect of being poor and turn it into a superpower, an identity, and then make a corresponding costume. I spent days planning and making my costume and damn, I looked HOT too. I was the evil villainess "Minimum Wage" and my oufit consisted of: Knee high black Docs, black thigh-high fisnets held up with a red satin garter belt, the straps down so low you could see the tops of my stockings under my short black skirt, red satin corset with black vertical stripes, long black velvet gloves to match my long black velvet cape, and to the top of the cape I pinned on a stand-up collar I made from posterboard,(think Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty) shineyshiney black on one side, the inside was white so I painted it sparkley red and cut out the outside edge into a flame pattern. The finishing touch was a cat o' nine tails that I barrowed from Chris and had swinging from my waist all night. I brought my camera of course, but because I was the one holding the camera there are no pictures of me all dolled up for the taking. Which is sad, but not as sad as me being almost the ONLY ONE there in costume. Sounds like a high school nightmare right? Yeah, thats my life.

The art I contributed was a success, they even want to use the image from one of my posters and reproduce it for their flyers and stickers and patches etc... and just because I rock so hard I'm going to make a hard stencil of it and print t-shirts for us. Someone even offered to buy a painting i let them put up. One I did way back in high school and hate, but keep around for its sentimental value. This surprised me even more than when I actually got some action later that night.

Thats right, after so embarassingly long of a time that I will not admit to numbers, I, your humble narrator, finally got me some ass! The here-nameless-boy who graciously drove me and my freinds to and from the party lives very far away, so I told him he could crash here, and well, sometimes these things just know? Mostly he just happened to be in the right place (my bed) at the right time (When I cant sleep and have had a drink or two). We're still just friends, and hes actually gotten himself a girlfriend scince then, YAY! It was fun, but left me, um,...."unsatisfied". And now that I've had that little taste, now that I've re-whetted my appetite, Ive remembered just how much I really like sex, and I'm ravenous. Take heed little ones, take heed. Im crazed, insatiable, and liable to pounce.

Sorry I didnt update for so long, but this whole work AND school AND seeker parties AND xmas photo sale planning thing, well, it blows. I miss being unemployed because I miss having free time and sleeping close to adequately. On the upside I have lost at least 14 pounds. So not worth it....

Damn I'm tired. Anybody want to write a book report for me?



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