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2:18 p.m. - 2003-11-03
10 things to hate about me

I've been a very busy girl the last week or so, and have gathered a great many stories worth sharing, but in the process I've plum tuckered myself out. Also, almost everything in these stories is illegal and/or immoral, So until I rest up and think of alot of fake names for everybody, heres a lazy little list entry, the format of which I stole from xpolaroidx who stole it from girlslife who stole it from watty:

10 bands you've been listening to a lot lately:

Oingo Boingo
Jeff Buckley
Muddy Waters
A Perfect Cirlce
Built to spill
Nick Cave
Miles Davis

09 things you're looking forward to:

Getting my pictures back from the developers today.
Getting a new batch of Brownies on tuesday.
Always, my next paycheck.
The next SEEKR party.
Being in the photo department's xmas sale.
Getting my teaching credentials.
Joining the PeaceCorps.
Being a crazy old lady with too many cats.

08 things you like to wear:

Chuck Taylors
Sheer bikini string panties.
My navy argyle cardigan.
Old, worn out t-shirts.
Donna Karan's "Black cashmere". (perfume)
My lucky studded leather wristband.
Anything corduroy.
Stuff I made or altered myself.

07 things that annoy you:

People who are rude for no reason.
People who chew with their mouth open.
Women who carry small dogs around like accessories.
Arguing in public.
Being stared at.
Being talked about as if I werent there.

06 things you say most every day:

"I need a new job. Fuck Target."
"We're so going straight to Hell."

05 things you do every day:

Check my email.
Make tea.
Think up better ways of earning a living.
Despair over my lack of progress.
Wish I was someplace else.

04 people you want to spend more time with:

Rick & Audrey
Jen B.

03 movies you could watch over and over again:

Princess Bride
Shawshank Redemption
Spirited Away

02 of your favorite songs at the moment:

"Lover you should have come over" -Jeff Buckley
"How to disappear completely" -Radiohead

01 person you would spend the rest of your life with:



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