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8:33 p.m. - 2005-06-02
And now to survive the repercussions.

So, like, whats the best way to tell your dad you just got in a car accident and fucked up your car? The car and inssurance are both under his name so I'm really going to have to break this to him gently, because chances are this is going to cost him a whole lotta money. My mom just arrived and is freaking out over the seatbelt bruise thats forming. Goddamn this hurts, and its only been about 2 hours. Cant wait to see how I feel tomorrow. Maybe I'll take pictures and send those first to disract him from the dollar signs. My sternum and shoulder already ache but I'm sure I'm just bruised. I think I'm going to go calm down my mom and then make HER call my dad...

Pictures to come later, maybe. Ow. Fuck. I need ice. And a helper monkey.


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