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4:59 p.m. - 2005-05-28
I had icecream for breakfast, suckers.

Im sure youíve noticed that my spelling and typing have gotten even worse of late, and as lame as it is to lay blame on inanimate objects I must say that a lot of it has to do with my keyboard. Some keys stick and others only work if I press them really hard. I'm sick of fighting with the damned thing and have given up, letting the keystrokes fall where they may. If my spelling and typing errors are bothering you people so much then help me find a way to clean out the area underneath the keys on a laptop. There. Now itís YOUR problem.

Semi-ironicly (if such a thing can be said) I had already written that to start off this entry before noticing that the first ever review of this very diary has just been posted. I canít tell you how happy this makes me. Hooray for validation!

In other D-land related news my cousin Skip has started his own diary after no small amount of persuasion on my part. Go and say ďhelloĒ to suit-of-meat.

But enough about people who are not me!

Iíve been healthy and Targ3t-free for a month now, and the longer Iím away from them the more Iím convinced that walking out on that job was the best thing I ever did. Iíve had five job interviews so far, all of promising and each of them easily an improvement over The Evil Place. While this does mean, as some have pointed out, that I should have plenty of time in which to update, it also means that I have less to write about. In the physical realm at least. My brain seems to have kicked down the fences and gone a-wandering in a manner that is difficult to transcribe. More on that to come perhaps. In the meantime my mother has come to stay with me for 2 weeks and is doing her best to burst my little utopian bubble with well meant but ill-placed concern, bless her heart. More on that as well, no doubt.


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