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10:14 p.m. - 2004-05-20
the shirt that broke the closet's rack.

Many people have tried to warn me but I never listened to them, and now, in light of recent events, I must concede that I do in fact own a rediculous amount of clothing.

Where my old appartment afforded me a walk-in closet all to myself, this new place has a comparably sized wall closet, half of which belongs to my mother. In other words, I'm squeezing the same amount of clothes into less than half the space. Or at least I'm trying to....WAS trying too.... I had most of my clothes hung up (organized by color and/or length) when the wooden pole you hook the hangers onto SNAPPED IN HALF!

The best part is, I had the clothes packed in there so tightly, trying to accomodate my entire "clothes collection", that when the whole thing crashed down the shirts actually stayed upright and in order. I shit you not. If my shake-y html holds up you can see proof:

And if not, well, fuck it. You'll just have to trust me.

This makes my plans to have my appartment clean and presentable for my housewarming party unlikely at best, as my room is still completely full of boxes of books, and now-homeless clothes.

Why dont I get rid of some clothes then? A very good question. Well for starters, most of my clothes are really cool. Not to be vain but I really dig my clothes. I have some great peices in there. Some I made myself. And I grew up way too poor to feel okay with throwing out clothes when I havent: ruined, worn out, or grown out of. Hell I'm still too poor to be casting off good clothes. Conversely, I'm too poor to store them all too. And lastly theres hope. I still have all the really nice blouse-and-slacks type work clothes I had to wear to my last job, and I'm hoping I get another job like that. Very. Soon. Because the instant I lose hope that I will escape the job I have now, or even jobs LIKE my job, I will fucking kill myself. (Which is why I'm on drugs now. HA HA! more on that later...)

For now I have alot of cleaning to do for afore-mentioned party. Dishes to wash, boxes to unpack, and those decorations wont hang themselves you know.


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