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9:25 p.m. - 2004-08-21

Sweet Zombie Christ, three months? I havent updated in three months??? I sign in to check my buddy list only to discover that I've become "one of THOSE people", that d-land itself has given up on and stopped counting the days. I hit the "add an entry" button immediately, it took awhile for the template to load, shocked at being used. I am a bad, neglectful blogger. I deserve to be punished.

Um, I have a really, really good excuse though! Several! Several really good excuses. Probably....

So what the hell have I been doing then? And I'll tell you. A full 3 weeks of that time I was laid up with The Pox. 24 years old and I finally get the muthafuckin' chicken pox. You've probably heard that the older you are the worse it'll be when you get it? It's ALL TRUE. By far the most miserable I have ever been in my entire life. I had fevers so bad I was completely delerious and sometimes forgot where I was. I had to take ice baths a few times, you know where you draw a bath of cold water, dump icecubes in and sit in it? Yeah. I had to go to the emergency room twice. Twice. I passed out when they tried to take my blood pressure, and when they asked me what city I was in, I didnt know. I almost died, and I was almost looking forward to it. I seriously considered pulling a Sylvia Plath and kicking my own bucket just so it would be over. Way to put the chicken in "chicken pox" right? High fevers will do funny things to your brain that way. Had a little cabin fever too, since they told me at the ER that I wasnt allowed to go out in public until I was completely healed as I was "highly contagious and a danger to children, the elderly, and pregnant women." I love the way that sounds. Im the Third Horesman of the Apocalypse, grrr! I'm not a violent person by nature, but theres fuck-all to do in my appartment and I coulda killed somebody, in front of his own momma, for a playstation.

My own mother was surprisingly helpful during this time, making me laugh with a comment about how I've been wanting to take some time off of work and being more careful what I wish for. Buying me ice cream and calamine lotion and even a jigsaw puzzle in her continued effort to keep me off of the internet. Not somthing I would have chosen for myself but it was much appreciated:

The things alot bigger than it looks, and spent days, was even up nights, trying to finish it. I have a bitterness for landscape puzzles. The damned things half sky! I spent a full 3 days going batshit insane trying to match up blank blue peices.

What else, what else....? I learned to make meatloaf from my mom's recipe. see?:

This picture wouldnt be funny if I posed it but when I took it out of the microwave thats how the potatoes rolled.

I have worked an obscene number of hours since being released from my quarantine, wich has yet still more adverse effects upon my poor brain, as evidenced by this graph. (Supplied by Judah, King of sexy geekdom.)

I finally unpacked all of my books from when I moved in April. 13 moving boxes full of just books, and thats not counting the ones in storage.

Its the sexiest thing ever. Somtimes I just sit at the base of my bed and stare up in awe at them all, wanting to caress their spines lovingly, a true bibliophile.

And here, just for heidiann, just for the sheer joy of being an enormous nerd, is the same picture again, diagramed to show how theyre organized:

A: Comics-Series
B: Comics-single issues and hardcovers,
C: Comics- graphic novels
D: Yearbooks, sketchbooks and journals
E: Art collections
F: Art technique
G: Arts and crafts
H: Photography
I: Psychology and true crime
J: Hard science (mostly anatomy, but also biology and math)
K: History, philosphy, sociology
L:Biography, correspondance, wirtting guides, dictionaries
M: Religion and mythology
N: Travel and foreign language
O: Poetry, short stories, fairytales, plays
P: Hardcover fiction
Q: Erotica, sex manuals, various illegal how-to books...
R: Modern fiction
S: Classic fiction
T: Misc. and hardcover overspill


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