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12:30 p.m. - 2004-02-11
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Important upcoming events in the life of catspjs:

Feb 14th: Lovers' Lane.

Feb 23rd, 9:10 am: I FINALLY take my behind the wheel drivers test and become at 23 years old, a legal driver. I just need to talk one of my friends who already have their liscences into coming with me. Hint hint.

March 2nd: I leave for Maui. My birthday present from my Momma. Plans for my trip include going to the beach. Making occasional trips to the bar, and to my room, and then back to the beach.

March 16th: I return from Maui. Thats right muthafuckas, 2 weeks vacation fo' free!

March 25th: I turn 24. It doesnt seem possible that I'm really this old.

March 30th: I get a root canal. Because my dentist is evil.

April 31st: The lease on my appartment expires and I must be out of here by then. Right now I have NO IDEA where I'll be living or what I'll be doing after this point. So if I dont update a whole lot between now and then, or at all after it, thats what I'm doing.


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