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10:55 p.m. - 2003-11-14
Heres to new friends
I should have been asleep hours ago, as I'll be up, up and away before the sun tomarrow. I'll already be at work before God rolls out of bed. First though I wanted to say thanks to his-holiness for hanging out with/accompanying/putting up with me today*. It was my first day with neither work nor school, making it my Day to Get Things Done. I was dragged all over San Francisco last night by Devi and Audra, accomplishing none of the things we'de set out for and not getting back until after 3AM, so all I wanted to do today was pull the covers over my head and sleep sleep sleep. But some things just have to be done, and good company makes everything better, so thanks Dan!

Unfortunately with my busybusy schedual and Dad being in germany, again, the house is a total disgusting mess. Highly embarassing. Not a good first impression I'm sure. The moral here kids, is to keep your room clean like your Mama told you to.

*(I'm also hoping maybe this will make heidiann jealous, so then she'll finally come up and visit me like she keeps saying she will. HINT HINT)


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