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12:05 a.m. - 2003-06-01
irony gets me off.
"...And lead me not into temptation but deliver me from eBay..."

For all of you who dont (didnt) watch Buffy, theres a little bit of a back story to this:

Awhile ago, at the end of one season Buffy dies while saving the world (again) and at the begining of the next season Willow resurrects her using "The Urn of Osiris." Somebody asks her where she got the thing from and she says "Ebay. You can find anything on eBay!" at which I laughed alot. My dad happened to be watching with me that day and he thought it was really funny too, and scince then we've had a running joke about being able to find anything on eBay.

So yesterday theres nothing else on so I'm watching Buffy reruns and at the end of the episode theres a little tag for "" so I check it out and it turns out Fox is auctioning off old props from the show on eBay including.....The Urn of Osiris! Alone in my appartment I laughed so hard I actually fell out of my chair.

Best. Story. Ever.


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