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12:02 a.m. - 2003-06-06
bouquet story
I forgot to mention the whole reason we were all in Hawaii in the first place. My Aunt Kathy got re-married. My favorite wedding so far (if only because it came with a trip) putting Rick and Audrey's wedding a very close second. My aunt's wedding was beautiful, non-traditional, informal, and, bless them, mercifully short. No formal wear necessitating painful formal shoes, no spending forever picking out gifts as they requested money, and best of all, they used plastic cups and cutlery so there was NONE of that annoying glass-tapping. Of course I opened my big fat mouth to give appreciation for that fact, and that they'de chosen to skip the demeaning bouquet throwing display, when my cousin Kelly pops up and says: "Oh no! she forgot to through the bouquet!"

ooooh nooo...

So all the eligable maidens are herded up to the dance floor against our wills. For various reasons I do not want to get married. EVER. I fear the bouquet. Not that I'm terribally superstitious mind you, but some of the old beliefs still get to me.

My sister and I are standing there grumbling, and my aunt throws the bouquet backwards over her shoulder, hard. I see it coming for me and dodge out of the way, hands up at my shoulders in the universal "I'm not touching it" gesture, like an infectious-disease ridden bird is flying at my head. My sister is paying less attention and gets smacked squarely in the shoulder by it, and similarly recoils in horror from the spot where it lands on the floor. My little cousin Christina who i think is right around ten years old picks it up happily. To her they're just pretty flowers. As she walks away with them my sister says:

"The sad thing is, she probably will be the next one to get married."

Which, sadly, is more likely than it sounds.


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