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12:15 a.m. - 2003-05-27
East of Eden.
Home again home again lickety-split.

Vacations never last long enough. Even if I did have to spend the whole time with my sister.

Ive come back from Maui with the following: a tan, heat-rash, 180 digital photos and 3 rolls of film yet to be developed, a sarong to match my bathing suit, and myriad presents for select lucky people. Film and batteries always run out right before the best things happen, so the most beautiful things from the trip belong solely to me. The memories from 6 days in Eden.

Truely, its a beautiful place full of beautiful people. And never have I seen so many people wearing so little clothing.

Being the generous person that I am, I'll share with you all what I can. I promise to post all the pictures somewhere as soon as possible.

Those of you with the forethought to send me your adresses have postcards on the way.

I got back very early this morning, and have spent the whole day sleeping and recuperating, and I suspect I'll be doing the same tomarrow. I really wore myself ragged this week. So much so that I'm too tired to finish this entry.


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