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5:24a.m. - 2003-02-22
sewing machine: MIA
Earlier tonight I realized I cant find my sewing machine.

I tend to loan stuff out alot so whenever I lose something my first thought and hope is that I've loaned it to someone and forgotten about it, and I start asking likely people. I asked Rose and her response was typical for her: wide surprised eyes and "You have a sewing machine?! I wish I'de known!" Now I'm hoping I left it at my parents' house or its in the storage closet.

I get these little anxiety attacks sometimes. Usually in the middle of the night so nobody really knows about this. Usually they're about reasonable things like "Oh my god I have no job and no money!" but tonight's frantic focus is on The Sewing Machine. 4:30am I jump out of bed and give my tiny room another search. To my great dismay but utter lack of surprise I dont find it this time either. To try to calm down I go out onto the porch and have a ciggarette or two. Or three. Or four.

Anyway, living in the bay area youre never that far from an airport, or at least it seems to me. I like to watch the planes fly over and wonder where they're going. Somewhere exotic like.... anywhere but San Jose. I watched one blinking its way across the sky, going roughly east, or south-east. I live on the west coast, east could be anywhere.

Maybe they're flying to San Diego for a convention. Maybe they're celebrating their birthday in Vegas. Maybe they're flying back home to Austin, or to New Orleans for a voodoo wedding, or to visit their girlfreind in Florida. Maybe they're switching planes somewhere in the middle and having a vacation in New York. I've always wanted to go to New York. It sounds like a cliche, but i think "the city that never sleeps" might be a good place for this insomniac. Maybe they're switching planes again in New York and going to Paris. Or Amsterdam. Or Berlin.


Maybe maybe maybe....

Maybe somebody on that plane has my sewing machine...

(post editorial note: I eventually found it. It was at my parent's house.)


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