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12:39 a.m. - 2003-02-25
revisionst flirting.
A few days ago (saturday) Rose and I went shopping at a certain rich-bitch shopping center here in San Jose. In keeping with the occasion we got dressed up all nice and walked around pretending we were going to buy expensive things and being snotty to the snotty salesgirls. Highly amusing, and even better I ran into a boy I had a huge crush on in high school. He was our waiter at the rediculously over-priced "itialian" restaurant there, and is still every bit as cute as he was 5 years ago. (And now has tatoos. YAY!)I gave him my number and invited him to a party that night, but unfortunately he already had plans. He seemed VERY happy to see me.

I dont know if I'de still be interested in this boy, but that really didnt feel like the point. I'm proud of myself for being so brave. And for doing what i should have done lo these many years ago. I have dubbed this: "Revisionist flirting".

The party that night was full of cute boys I used to like and i did much more of this "revisionist flirting". Including Tony, whom I havent seen scince graduation, who I liked for quite some time after he wrote a peice for the school newspaper on space and time. What can i say? I like 'em nerdy.

2 days later, a monday no less, I still feel very cute. Yay me. :)


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