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8:36 p.m. - 2004-12-06
And there was much rejoicing... *yay*....

It is no illness (neither mental or pysical) that keeps me from d-land these days but simply exhaustion and a lack of free time. Against my better judgement I accepted that positon in the cash office and so Ive been getting up at 5AM five days a week since Halloween, but thats another subjuct I'd rather not get into just yet. For now I will share with you the highlights of my most recent adventure, mostly as excuse to post embarassing drunken photos of certain people. Mwahahaha.

My cousin Skip (not his real name but his nickname since childhood. He never shook loose of it and now its stuck and we're all used to it. Frankly its still better than his birthname.) graduated with a BS in math on saturday and my sister and I drove all the way out to Reno to visit and celebrate. My invitation was a peice of cooked bacon with the date written on it mailed to me in an envelope. I requested the weekendend off and they gave me a full 4 day weekend, probably out of pity for making me work the preceeding 8 days in a row. The drive was full of scenes like this:

And this:

Which, to a girl from a place where its only snowed once in living memory, are beautiful and serene beyond measure. And I got to wear all my supercute cold weather gear! Yay for mittens! Heee! We drove straight to the ceremony and were late and thought we'd missed Skip's walk across the stage, but fortunately for us he wasone of the last people called and proved easy to spot as he'd gotten a 4 inch blue mohawk especially for the occasion.

His physics prof loved it.

Now, Skip has been trying to convince me to move there for years, and after seeing the artist lofts he wants me to apply for I'm almost convinced, as they are large and beautiful and cost a quarter of what a comprable space would cost here in San Jose. And then he and some of his friends dragged my sister and I on a barhopping expidition to all their favorite clubs/bars and a good time was had by all.

My very drunk sister (blonde) and an even drunker Kimmy (redhead):

And, my personal favorite, Skip and Bill share an intimate moment:

I seemed to impress the bartender at this particular club called "Liquid Lounge" with a particularly Dan-esque move by siddling up to the bar in my pigtails and sweater vest and ordering first a Newcastle and then a neat Bushmills. Twice. It seemed to be a crowd of very cute, young college kids with their wussy mixed drinks with cute names and the bartender gave me the raised eyebrows and nod of recognition they seem to give people who actually know good liquor. I liked him.

The next bar, a gay bar, was even better. We were only there for about 5 minutes and in that time one of our troop got action in the bathroom and some poor drunken young fool climbed up on the bar and started dancing and stripping. I saw very white but nicely shaped ass, figured he'd stop there, but no. Guys, if youre gonna strip in public, dont do it when its cold, hm? For your own sake and that of those watching. Apperently thats very tame for this bar though, and like as not an evening there ends with all the women topless and all the men pantless. I'm not mentioning the name because I am selfish and want the place to stay like it is.

Theres plenty more I'm leaving out of course -there always is- but I'm still recovering and must rejoin the workforce in the morning. I have to go to bed early so I can get up before the sun and smile and simper and pretend I wouldnt rather be drunk in the next state, with a snowy mountain range in between me and your I-want-to-return-this-cigarrette-smelling-sweater-no-i-dont-have-a-receipt-yes-i-did-rip-off-the-tags-and-could-you-hurry-because-I-double-parked-my-SUV ass.

Hugs and kisses- CatsPJs


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