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3:14 a.m. - 2006-03-05
Listing, possibley in more than one way.

So, as I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted by 75 days of total silence: I have a new full time job. Said job and accompanying hellish commute are the reason I never have time and energy together, and why I never drop in to give you the proper updatin' that you need. (Thatís right baby I know just how you like it!) Sadly this includes right now. This will be changing and hopefully soon. But so that you donít forget me, and to limit the amount of back-story necessary for future anecdotes, here are some of the more salient points from the last couple months, on which I may expound at a later date:

1) I am now deeply, deeply smitten with one of my co-workers. A man who, it turns out, is a 26 year old virgin, very christian, drives a Porsche and shops at The Gap and American Eagle. Yeah, Iím not always sure why I like him so much either, but as always I have several theories.

2) Ive been developing a theory that a person can be good, or they can be great, and I'm trying to decide which one I want to be.

3) I bought an í85 El Camino from my uncle, but Iíve only driven her twice as I donít currently have insurance. I was thinking of changing my mind and getting something with better gas mileage, but then while driving her that second time I realized that the adjectives I was using towards the car were the same adjectives that people use about me, and that driving this car must be very much what its like for other people to try to date me. Which of course made me immediately fall in love with her.

4) Iíve been compelled to disband my stable of lovers and male admirers by the desire to re-learn how to be, and to stand, completely alone, unfettered and unaided. I suspect that this venture will require a lot of batteries.

5) Since November I have spent so much time knitting that I no longer remember a time before The Knitting began. While doing it I achieve a kind of perfect Zen mindlessness. I am one with the needles. I am one with the yarn.

6) The more I read of Alan Moore, the less I admire Neil Gaiman. The more I read of Micheal Chabon, the more I admire Micheal Chabon.

7) I got Arlette hooked on achewood and she countered by setting me onto dinosaur comics. Nicely played, Arlette. Nicely playedÖ.

8) The d-land membership graciously supplied me by Hiss and barely used, has expired and I went ahead and renewed it myself, because even if anybody else wanted to help me out in such a way, I clearly donít deserve it. Sorry.

9) I now have 34,000 banner adds available to be run here on diaryland. Someone design me some banners!


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