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5:13 a.m. - 2005-11-30
\"I were but little happy if I could say how much.\"

I added a pictuure to yesterday's entry! Its gross.

Okay this is going to be one of the least eloquent things I have ever written because I am Ėand I donít get to say this often enough- flabbergasted. I am dumbfounded. My mouth is agape. My decorum: undone. I am stupid with surprise and gratitude.

I just came back from the store where I bought fucking ramen noodles and rice to find that some kind soul has shelled out money to help support me and the stuff that I write here by renewing my supergold subscription. Holy shit. Iím kind of being patronized. In the good way. I seriously got choked up a bit and even more so when I saw whom it was from. Our own beloved and belusted (is that a word? No? Well it is now; Iíve just invented it.) divine Ms. Hiss. This is someone where Iíve always felt special when she leaves me a comment because I canít believe she even reads me. Hell what am I telling you for? Iím sure you all read her already and know her sexy loveliness for yourselves, and I can now stop geeking out like a fucking fan-girl.

Other people Iím in love with today:
Peter Sarsgaard!!!! Thereís just something about that face and the way emotions move across it. Le sigh.
Sam Rockwell
Jake Gyllenhall
Maggie Gyllenhall
Chris Onstad
Selma Hayek
Alfred Molina
Ed Harris
Beth Orton
Charlie Kaufman
Dave McKean
Johann Gutenberg


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