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3:09 p.m. - 2005-03-07
It's my party and I'll list if I want to

I swear sometimes I really wish I were a lesbian. Its gotta be easier than what I'm trying to do.

A list of things that make me happy. Pt. 2

My jade monkey cellphone mascot
The shutter-click of my old ass SLR
Steamed broccoli (shut up)
Having my own apartment to clean
Cherry blossoms
Laying on the carpet in pools of sunlight with the other cats
Seeing my artwork displayed, especially in public
Knowing my birthdays coming up! (March 25th, bitches)
Exclamation marks!
Dangly earrings
My faux-fur blankey
Chuck Taylors
Listening to The Cure
Bright fucking green
The phrase “have no truck with”
Gustav Dore
My Albert Einstein Chia Head
The smell of leather
Sharpie markers
Uni-ball Vision pens (the ink flow is miraculous)
Guys with deep voices
Girls with mischievous smiles
Ice cream
Crunchy red grapes

Pt. 1 can bee read here.


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