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12:47 p.m. - 2005-01-25
Diaryland killed my baby!
Wow, that worked out much better and quicker than I expected (which is to say, at all). Yes friends, harnessing the collective will of the internet has worked wonders upon my person, and I am in the clear! (Of course that's silly and I was never pregnant to begin with, just over anxious, and my period would have come anyway, but this version is much more fun. My version is always more fun.) It stared soon after I posted, about the same time you were all leaving me lovely well-meant comments that sounded like graphic threats and gypsy curses. Very sweet and highly amusing. And effective! My deepest thanks and gratitude to you all. Now please stop it. My head, back and belly are killing me. All my plans to clean and oraganize my place have turned into my lying curled up in bed, eating foods whose main ingredients are fat, sugar and salt and not feeling AT ALL bad about it. Last night two of The Ladies* came over and we drank wine and celebrated and talked all our problems over until resolutions seemed to be in view. We smoked ciggarettes and I did my squirmy dance of joy, in love with every ounce of my soft, smooth, curvy, jiggling girl-flesh, thrilled that it is MINE and that I do not have to share it with a tiny potential-human parasite.
*The Ladies are my core group of friends, an inseperable and insurmountable surrogate family consisting of Rose, Audra, Jen and myself. ( his-holiness too, but I dont know if He'd take umbrage at being grouped a "Lady." Probably not.) I've beat down grown men to defend thier honor, and would cheerfully lie, cheat, steal, maim, kill or die to keep them safe and happy. Moreover, though I am the least willing and least likely to choose to have children, by virtue of child bearin' hips and a proven family history of catholic breeding power I am the designated surrogate mother in case any of them should prove unable to carry children on their own. They have never once caused me to question my devotion to them.
On a slightly related topic I'm halfway through "Woman: an initmate geography" by Natalie Angier, am fully enamoured of it, and highly recomend it to anyone, anywhere, ever.


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