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5:39 p.m. - 2005-05-11
Me at 3

Looking through some old papers I came across a picture of myself at 3 years old and was compelled to scan it and share it. Oh my god. I was so the cutest little girl ever.

Seriously. Fucking adorable. I defy you to disagree.

Now, the reason I was looking through these papers is that I can never remember all that boring info about my previous employers like starting and ending dates and salary etc. which has suddenly become important as i apply for new jobs. "What happened to your job at Targ3t?" You may be wondering. Well, in one of those cases where life imitates art (art in this instance being played by the movie "Office Space") I just woke up and decided not to go anymore. I was starting to have nightmares and anxiety attacks because of that place and they didnt pay me anywhere near remotely enough to put up with that kind of shit. They also didnt give me enough hours to live on and they wouldnt let me reduce my availability so I could get a second job or go to school. Fuck 'em, I say. I've got 3 interviews in 3 days and even unemployed and broke I'm happier than I can remember being since I was a kid. I'm sleeping more, better, and sounder than I have in a long, loooooooong time...


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