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1:00 p.m. - 2007-10-31
Sonya's terrible, horrible, no-good very bad day
Today's troubles in descending order:

1. My mom has cancer again. Yes, again. A few years ago she had a tumor in her spine which was mostly removed, and which has been causing her relatively minor problems ever since, and now she has one in her nose of all places. They're actually going to have to amputate the end of her nose and then try to rebuild it with plastic surgery but chances are shes going to end up with a deformed nose for the rest of her life. Seeing as how the tumor is on her nose my guess is that its caused by sun damage, but what if it isnt? What if her first tumor metastasised and there are more tumors they havent found yet? What if she gets sick again? None of us can afford to take care of her and she wouldnt get the help she'd need. What if she dies? What am I gonna do without a mom?

2.Somebody keyed the fuck out of my car either late last night or early this morning. MY NEW FUCKING CAR! My Prius. My baby. I've had it less than 6 months! The first nice, new thing I've ever owned. And I mean thuroughly, all over the drivers side and back. In my own driveway. I'm guessing either that herd of rude, horrible children next door or my asshole misogynist roomate I had an argument with last night. His poor sister finally moved out so I guess he needs someone to be a dick to. Yay! And of course theres no way to find out, or prove, who did it.

3. I'm tired all the time. I keep falling asleep as soon as i get home instead of doing all the things that need to be done like cleaning and laundry, and I never finished the stupid pumpkin my boss told me to decorate for a work competition.

4. I'm broke until friday again and that paychecks already spoken for. Yay!

5. My new room is tiny and everything in the house keeps breaking. Line-dried towles suck. They are not fluffy at all. AT. ALL.

6. My kidneys hurt. Alot. Will somebody, please, just kill me?


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