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10:39 p.m. - 2003-05-28
its the new black!
heidiann is so fucking funny. I love her! You should too.

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:34 PM]: hell . i thought telling him i like to fuck guys
in the ass would get rid of him

Incndesent [10:34 PM]: so is he freaked out by the thought of you fucking him
up the ass?

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:34 PM]: 'i like being fingered'

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:34 PM]: damn!

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:34 PM]: unfortunately no.

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:34 PM]: i think that might be one of my selling points

Incndesent [10:34 PM]: you know, a fair amount of guys seem to be into that
these days.

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:35 PM]: it's the new black!

Incndesent [10:35 PM]: having your ass violated goes with everyhting.

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:37 PM]: ha!

Incndesent [10:37 PM]: "what should i wear with this orange shirt?"

" you have any ass violating pants?"

"yeah but theyre at the cleaners"

"what about a short ass violating skirt?"

"why yes of course!"

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:38 PM]: you're so funny!

Incndesent [10:39 PM]: :) why thank you! youre pretty damned amusing yourself.

Dorkyfatgrrrl [10:39 PM]: again...we rule!


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