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6:00 a.m. - 2005-12-19
Less transaction - More interaction!

Becoming more than text:
Working retail in a mall around the holidays can really make you hungry for some genuine interaction. (Any type of conversation that doesnít involve one of us trying to convince the other to buy something or where I am being treated like an appliance, for example.) Also with everything Iíve got going on I canít seem to fashion an entry of my own pure brain, as it were. Iím just in completely the wrong space for composing but I miss diaryland and its diarists, so hereís an idea for anyone reading this: In my comments at the bottom of the page, leave me some questions. Or suggestions or a request for something you want me to address or write about. Even if its just an update or a follow-up or a clarification. No request will be ignored.

What Iíve been doing instead of writing:
Working! I just got a new job at a camera/film-developing store on the other end of town. It pays the same as the clothing store but its full time, so it'll be alot more money. Itís also easier and more fun and more suited to me in almost every way. Itís a very slow, low volume store so Iíll probably even have time to write while I'm there. It takes about four times as long to get there because I have to take a bus and several lightrail trains but the travel gives me time to knit, and to get hit on by tons of guys. Something they never warn you about when you learn to knit is that when you do it in public it turns you into some kind of crazy man-magnet. Thatís been my experience anyway. The knitting is also taking up what little time is not spent working and commuting because I decided to knit everyoneís Christmas presents myself this year out of poverty and partly some crazy new form of masochism.

Also some of my coworkers from the clothing store found me on MySpace and added me, and I linked to here from my profile there. It makes me a little nervous that they could possibly read things like this:

Iím still serving out my last 2 weeks at my old job and Iím really wishing I'd just quit instead of giving notice. My manager actually yelled at me and then hung up on me when I called to tell her. I canít believe sheís actually surprised considering sheís been scheduling me as if sheís been trying to force me to quit for months. Sheís turned into quite the pointlessly vindictive bitch queen and has given me this fucked up schedule for the current week. Which is why Iím so tired and yet still awake at quarter to six in the A.M. even though I have to be up in 4 hours to get ready for my other job.

Oh, and my mother is going to be staying with me for Christmas which means I wont be getting any sex, I wont even be able to masturbate or drink or stop cleaning or swear excessively during the most stressful week of the entire year.

What the FUCK do you people see in this holiday?


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