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2:43 p.m. - 2005-04-19
excrsise the demons

Sometimes when I havent updated in awhile I get all rusty and backlogged and cant get anything written down, this is just a little warm-up to relax the brain and loosen the fingers. Random Survey! Which I stole from Heidi:

A - Accent: I grew up in California in the 80's. I am way valley girl. I've also had stragers tell me I sound: british, swedish, and southern. When I was younger I had a bit of an east coast accent from spending so much time with my mothers family, and when I was in amsterdam people commonly mistook me for german. Im reasonably certain its impossible for me to be all of these things.
B - Bra Size: 42D. Heres a picture for the uninitiateed to understand what that means:

Thats my 2 best friends, Rose and Audra respectively with one of my bras on their heads.
C - Chore I Hate: Aything involving dust or harsh cleaning chemicals.
D - Dad's Name: Ron.
E - Essential Make-Up: chapstick?
F - Favorite Perfume: Versace Woman
G - Gold or Silver: Silver.
H - Hometown: San Jose, California. I was born here and I'm beginning to think I'll die here.
I - Interesting Fact: From my earliest memories I used to be always writting little stories annd poems. My friends and family and teachers loved them and encouraged me to submit them fr publication. Then one day I suddenly started compairing them to the works of professional published authors and realized my stuff was crap and other than some inconsistant journaling I havent written aything scince. I've had writer's block for nine years.
J - Job Title: Cashier/level-2 specialist.
K - Kids: Not in the foreseeable future.
L - Living Arrangements: Just me and the cats.
M - Mom's Birthplace: Ohio
N - Number of Apples Eaten in Last Week: None.
O - Overnight Hospital Stays: More than I care to recall.
P - Phobia: Spiders. Cancer. Global warming. Republicans.
Q - Question I Ask Myself a Lot: “Why am I doing this?”
R - Religious Affiliation: recovering catholic
S - Siblings: One older sister.
T - Time I Wake Up: Varies wildly.
U - Unnatural Hair Color: I've been black, blue, green, auburn, blonde, and the full gammut of the red-pink-purple spectrum. Currently I am my natural shade of lightt ash brown.
V - Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Vegetables and me, we're cool. I think bananas and organ meats are the onnly naturally occuring foods I refuse to eat.
W - Worst Habit: My clothing addiction, my packratting and my work attendance issues are all jockying for the "worst" position.
X - X-rays: Teeth, chest, spine, left knee, right foot, and I've had an MRI and an upper GI. I believe I mentioned that I've been in the hospital alot.
Y - Yummy Food I Make: Shiiiiiit, I gots da mad culinary skillzzzz...... as long as its not chili.
Z - Zodiac Sign: Aries.


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