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5:36 p.m. - 2003-09-23
La dolce vita

Guess who got a perfect score on that ASL quiz? Thats right, ME! I rocked that test. ROCKED IT LIKE A HURRICANE!

Today I wore my favorite thirft-store dress to school, a black one that looks somewhere between a school uniform and those little jumper dresses nuns-in-training wear, with a white dress shirt under it, white nylons and a white ribbon in my hair and of course, my black chuck taylors. Being 23 and in college, people looked at me like I was maybe a little crazy, which was fun. Last time I wore that outfit was to a bar in Campbell and everytime I walked inside people looked shifty and uncomfortable, vaguely guilty, like maybe I was going to rap their knuckles with a ruler.

After class I walked over to the photo store, purchased much needed supplies (negative carriers, 8x loupe, compressed air etc...) and as I was exiting I remember that the best comic-book store in the area is just a few doors down from there.

The quickest way to woman's heart is through her comicbook collection, and Spacecat, and the cute boy who's always working there, who I think may own the place, have my undying devotion. The kind of pure unconditional love a girl can only have for the man who sells her her comics. We talked about Comic-Con briefly, as hes gone the last three years in a row as well, and I bought 1&2 of the new Gaiman series: "1602" and am soon to read them. For now I sit here in my underwear sipping iced tea with Hello Kitty shaped ice cubes in it. Sharing my joy with you.

heidiann says: "your day sounds delicious. i want to wrap it up in a bow and then unwrap it like a gift and lick it with joy"

Life is good.


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