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11:21 p.m. - 2003-09-19

I got my first paycheck in 10 months today. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW YYEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Moneymoneymoneymoney Moooo-neeeeeeeey! As the song goes.

You'll please forgive me if this entry is incoherant and rambling. Im very very tired, and possibally sick. I spent the first half of today ringing people up and keeping one eye one the path from my register to the restroom, in case my nausea overwhelmed me and I had to make a break for it. But then they let my go home early because I pointed out that they'de overschedualed me for the week. AND THEN THEY PAID ME! Hurray! So lovely to have money again.

While waiting a very very long time for the bus a small crazy looking elderly asian man in a beat up old primer red toyota circled the parking lot three times so he could keep passing my bus stop and offering to give me a ride. Creepy as this was it was also kind of funny, and I was half tempted to get in his car just to see what the hell he might say, what this crazy but harmless looking little man's intentions could possibally be, and to no doubt aquire the best "youre never going to guess what happened to me today" story ever.

Anyway, I take the bus down to my bank to deposit my check and settle certain problems theyve been giving me, and afterwards I stop into the bookstore I used to work at which happens to be in the same shopping complex. The girl I was looking for wasnt there, but Lizard was. He looked soooo damned good too. I may be over him, but I know now I'll always have feelings for him. Blech! What a "girly" thing to say. Trite but true. Moving on... the bastard only gets better and better looking every time I've seen him scince I quit working there. Apperantly he's gone vegan and is shedding pounds, where as I have been sitting on my ass almost the entirety of the interim. I've gotten horribly horribly fat, and I was no delicate blossom to begin with. I left the bookstore and was walking to the bus stop to go home when I passed by mirrored glass doors and caught a full length glimpse of myself. That was more than I cared to see, and without pausing to think I kept going right on past the bus stop and walked my fat ass the full 3+ miles home. Good for me in the long run I know, but maybe not the best idea today. Goddamn it was hot today too! I think I have a sunburn. Why wont it cool off the way a sensible September should? I shake my fist at you, California weather!

In other news, I had my first quiz in ASL yesterday, and I feel reasonably sure I aced it. I rule. Unlike the blonde white girl with cornrows and a lowcut shirt, (desperatley trying to make cleavage out of nothing) who, SURPRISE!, was vocally confused by all the questions. I did the sign for "surprise" while I was thinking that. Thats so cool. Learning is fun! And cheating on tests when your teacher is totally deaf is sadly sadly easy. Not that I was cheating mind you, Im against that sort of thing. Especially since I'm always one of the ones everyone else is trying to cheat off of.


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