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12:32 a.m. - 2003-09-06
melting the ice queen.

I've been trying all week to update, but have been too exhausted to put words together in any coherant way. Due to starting a new job and a new semester almost on the same day, Ive suddenly gone from sleeping from 6am until 2pm, to having to get up at 8am on a regular basis. Sometimes earlier. ::shudder:: Its inhuman. In summer/indian summer like this we should all just sleep through the hottest part of the day and stay up all night. Im not making the transition well. Ive been tired and cranky and out of it, and while I'm sure I'll feel very differently when i get my first paycheck, in the meantime I'm starting to miss being unemployed.

So, to recap, a few of the highlights of my week:

Monday- I went out to Dinner with my Momma as I do every monday, then came home and watched "Revenge of the nerds" on TV, and finally found the answer to a question I've been asking for years. Kristie, THIS is "when 'dork' became my type"!!!!!! Its all because of watching this movie over and over and over again as a young, impressionable child. I've got this near-fetish for brainy math/science/computer/comicbook nerds. Yeah all of us who grew up in the '80's love nerds, but we dont all love nerds. Not in that Isaac Hayes way that I do. Which reminds me, Judah and I were discussing stupid words that have made it into the dictionary, like "safeness" and "synergy" and he showed me where "up-to-date" has made it in as a single word, (as opposed to the perfectly fine 3 seperate word phrase it already is) and alternate forms like "up-to-dateness" and "up-to-dately". The latter is such a stupid awkward word I thought for sure it was unusable, So I wagered Judah I'de make out with him if he could use it in a sentence, and he did!! I dont know what I'll do if he ever calls that in. It was a fair wager, Im honorbound.

Tuesday- Started school. I waited waaaaay too late to register so all I got into was Intro to sign language, and so far I really love this class. I showed up at the photo class I wanted anyway and got added in. Because I rule.

Wednsday- First day of register training at work. I showed up in my standard, required plain red shirt and kahki pants (now you all know where I work) and read like, 9 pages of super obvious easy register basics, and then was paired up with another girl whos already been working there for awhile, the idea was I watch her for awhile, see how things are done, and then ring people up while she watched me, and is there if I screw up or have questions. Everyone else who was hired with me is on their second day and still has a helper monkey watching over them, the girl I'm paired up with lets me watch for 2 transactions, then asks if I want to try, and with my years of register experience and low boredom threshhold I say sure. AND THEN SHE LEAVES. She does not come back. I have to turn on my blinking "help me" light which calls over the Big Register Cheese for everything that wasnt covered in the flimsy pathetic manual, which is more or less everything, like which buttons do what. Very important. Yes I know how to ring, but these register terminals they have are way different. So everyone was giving me that "Stupid new girl, why are you so retarded?" look. Which is still less rude than a certain family, skanky ghetto-as-hell trashy woman with a mess o' kids, yelling at one for not behaving, but her and her man are just as bad. Stained, tore up clothes, cheap nasty weave, at the end of the transaction she tells the misbehaving 2 year old to say "Thanky you Daddy" to his father but instead he looks at me and screams "THANK YOU FATTY!" and his parents laugh. So he does it again. And they laugh again. A juvenile "we're going to get in trouble but its still funny" laugh, and I feel sorry for that kid because he's never going to learn to behave any better than his parents. It was a good thing it was the end of my shift because I'de have left after that anyway. It's also a good thing I know how fabulous I look in bright fucking red, because comments like that are likely to make a lesser woman feel kinda frumpy.

Thursday- Only made it to sigh language class. I went home in between to get some expamples of photos I've done in previous classes but was so tired and sleep deprived I never made it back. I feel asleep at 6pm for the first time scince, oh, infancy.

Friday- Today. Today I worked and it was ok. Im starting to not totally hate my job, which is a blessing and a mercy. But I'm distracted and guilt-ridden by some unkind things I said to Judah, which caused him to call me an "ice queen". OW! I've been called a size queen before, but never an ice queen. That really hurt. I had good reason to say what I did, but maybe I did take it a bit far, so, in a historic moment I will appologize.

Judah, you magificent bastard, I know you dont really mean to hurt my feelings, no matter how often you manage to. I humble myself before thee, oh God of Math and Penmanship, and ask for your forgiveness.

Ok thats my quotta for appologies for the month. Nobody else is getting any until october.


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