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12:30 a.m. - 2003-08-17
pirates need love too
I found the coolest search words ever tonight by accident.

Once I take my sewing machine back from Rose, I'm going to start making my own clothes, and I thought it would be fun to sew a label with my own made up brand name into them, and onto the pins I'm going to make once i buy this.

The name I'm currently considering is "Aye Lash" (like eyelash only different) and I wanted to make sure I wasnt infringing on anybodies trademark, so I put "aye lash clothes" into several search engines and what keeps coming up is tons of PIRATE THEMED S&M erotic fiction! YES! Admit it, thats funny.

Ahem: a delightful little excerpt i stole from one, to read the whole thing click here.

Hammerhand followed her into her quarters, temporarily entranced by her beautiful eyes and provocative smile. "Aye, Garnet." he said quietly.
"I think first you need to take a bath before I tell ye." She grinned and continued to lead him tot he bathroom.
"A bath?" Hammerhand questioned, then casually leaned over to sniff himself. He didn't smell all that great, he realized, but then again he was a rough old pirate, so that was no surprise. Then he glanced over at Garnet, and gave her a leer. "Ye offerin' to sponge me yerself?" he asked, following her to the bathroom.
"Maybe if ye be a good boy."
GArnet leered back and poured on the charm spell.
"Arr, an' if I not be a good boy?"
he inquired, a devilish smirk on his face as he was even more captivated by the beautifully evil female pirate.
"I may have to put you down." She laughed and gestured him to the bathroom.
Hammerhand grinned evilly and entered the bathroom, and waited for Garnet to join him.
The she-pirate walked in and turned on the water. Not saying anything she sliced his clothes from his body withher twin cutlasses, "Get in the tub." She grinned evilly.
"Arr, I love a forceful woman." he growled with arousal after she stripped him, and he climbed in the tub as ordered. "Ye be joinin' me?" he asked, looking over her body hungrily.



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