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4:01 a.m. - 2003-08-08
lust for life
I just watched "Dead Poets Society" again on tv, after not watching it for a very very long time, and it gets to the part where the boy kills himself because his Dad wont let him be an actor, and while I still understand, still feel empathy for the charachter, that just seems very silly to me now. What with my old age and perspective. (I'm only 23, so only I may say that I am old.)

I asked myself what I would rather die than live without, and it appears that there isnt anything. All my bemoaning my lack of funds and gainful employment, my directionlessness and physical imperfections aside, all I really need is to be able to experience life. Even if every moment from now on was awfull, as long as it wasnt entirely boring and lackluster I wouldnt want to miss a minute of it.

(p.s. Dear God, please do not see this as an invitation to test my reslove.)


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