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5:32 p.m. - 2003-08-02
Mullet Madness


Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:05 PM]: i ate a slim jim

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:05 PM]: i felt dirty

Incndesent [5:06 PM]: did you have to go wash your mullet?

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:06 PM]: and then can i rock you like a hurricane in the back of my
trans am?

Incndesent [5:07 PM]: oooh! im hot blooded, check it and see.

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:07 PM]: back off, baby, like a drifter, i was born to walk alone

Incndesent [5:10 PM]: but we've got a thing thats called radar love!

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:11 PM]: you don't understand...i'm a cowboy. on a steel horse i ride...

Incndesent [5:12 PM]: well, every rose has its thorn, and all i want is for you to poor
some sugar on me!

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:16 PM]: so i come to you, with oooooooooooooopppppppen arms

Incndesent [5:16 PM]: because im the one they call doctor feel good.

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:27 PM]: taste so good make a grown man cry...sweeeeeeeeet cherry

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:28 PM]: gah!! my productivity has halted!!

Incndesent [5:29 PM]: because of our mullet madness?

Dorkyfatgrrrl [5:29 PM]: and my inherent laziness


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