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10:21 p.m. - 2003-07-26

catspajamas [3:14 PM]: i had another one of those dreams last night, the ones where you easily accomplish eveything youve been needing to do, and then you wake up, and none of its done....
heidiann [3:15 PM]: gah i hate those
heidiann [3:15 PM]: it's like my entire life is that moment when you realize it was a dream

You have to see this. Who are these people? Amazing.

Anyway, sorry it took so long to follow up, but for some reason I was compelled to sleep for like 3 days. Soooo sleepy! A little worn out from comic-con here, little depressed over a boy there, and getting out of bed just doesnt seem worth it for awhile. Right, for anybody who's been paying attention to the minor Lizard Saga, its officially over. If theres any new people reading this, yeah, I actually liked a boy who called himself "Lizard." What that says about me, I dont care to consider.

So, be careful what you wish for. I've been telling myself for ages that all I wanted was to know, one way or the other. If I knew that it was worth it, if somthing would come of it, I could have spent the rest of my life proving myself worthy of him. Conversely, if I knew it was hopeless I could give up, move on, stop wasting time on him. Which sounds rational but isnt entirely true, is it? So I finally got an answer and its "no". He doesnt want to be with me. Damnit! Oh well.

Ahem, Comic-Con, yes, for those comicbook nerds of you out there I couldnt recomend it more highly. I had a really really thuroughly great time. Ecxept that I wanted to see Carla Speed McNeil and they always had her schedualed against Neil Gaiman, and Im sorry but he takes priority over pretty much everything.

Speaking of which! I got to see the illustrious Mr. Gaiman in person! Finally! He does exist! I was IN. THE. SAME. ROOM. with him! Several times. He's amazing. ::swoon:: I even stood right next to him and made eye contact at this CBLDF dinner thing I didnt stick around for because there were no tables open. I couldnt talk to him though. Celebrities dont impress me, but hes not just famous, He's a God. A Genius. I just know that as soon as I opened my mouth the stupidest thing ever uttered by a human would fall out. I was right about Frank Miller being there. The Adult Swim panel rocked my ass, and they gave me free stuff afterwards. WOO! I picked up some really good new comics, and an shirt. I ran into Quentin Terantino on the autograph floor. He was wearing make up....

Also I met the sweetest couple, names of Sam and Lucy, also fans of Neil, with whom I am now exchanging emails. Or I would be if I wasnt so lazy.

I wiped the floor with Kristie not once but twice, at bowling. But she'd already beaten me at air hockey, which carries much more prestige in our eyes, so she still won the day. They got me to drink beer too, which I've always hated. Thus is the power of Kristie.

I got hit on by a bunch of pimp-ass guys, young and old. Some of these lines will live in infamy, scarred into my mind:

"Heeeeey girl! I like yo' style! You from 'round here? No? There some way I can keep in touch wit' you? 'Cause I sho do like yo' style! Mm-mm-mmmm!"

Or this one:

"Heeeeey gorgeous! Why you wanna waste yo' time at that Comic-Con when you could be wastin' yo' time wit' me?"

Do lines like this actually work? On anyone? Ever?

heidiann did NOT in fact, come down and visit me. It wasnt her fault really but still. Im not mad, just disappointed.

In other news, my dad has left for Germany where he will be for at least a month, leaving me alone in the house with just the cats. You know what that means. NEKKID TIME! WOOOOOOOOOOO!


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