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6:10 p.m. - 2003-07-11
Comic-Con, here I come

*********************** ITINERARY ************************

Tuesday, July 15 - San Jose(SJC) to San Diego(SAN)

Flight 1457

Depart San Jose(SJC) at 06:15 PM and

arrive in San Diego(SAN) at 07:35 PM

Monday, July 21 - San Diego(SAN) to San Jose(SJC)

Flight 586

Depart San Diego(SAN) at 07:25 PM and

arrive in San Jose(SJC) at 08:40 PM

I'm going to Comic-Con!!! YAY!!!! Despite not having a job... Thanks Dad! Oh I'm a spoiled brat right now, I know. And yet I dont care. I get to see Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, and Carla Speed Mcneil in person!!! And based on this, I suspect Frank Miller will be there too, although he isnt officially listed. Also Sam Brown and Bredon Small.

Just as importantly I get to stay with my darling Balloonatic Kristie, and Finally get to meet the Divine Miss heidiann.

Between last week and next week, I doubt I'll survive to see August.

(Anybody wanting postcards, souvineers or autographs from anyone in attendance should email me or leave me a note saying as much, and include adresses or whatevers necissary as soon as possible.)

heidiann and I make plans for our time together:

Incndesent [12:42 PM]:  yay for jello!!! mmm.....jello.... 
Incndesent [12:42 PM]:  im a jello feind. 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:42 PM]:  mmmmmmmmmmm...pudding 
Incndesent [12:43 PM]:  puddin would be good too, but this is jello-jello, fruit flavored, transparentm and jiggly! 
Incndesent [12:44 PM]:  like me! 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:45 PM]:  eeeeeeeeeeeee!  how adorable you are! 
Incndesent [12:45 PM]:  hee! 
Incndesent [12:48 PM]:  im good with whipped cream too.O:-) 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:49 PM]:  can we suspend bits of fruit in you!!? 
Incndesent [12:50 PM]:  if youre very very careful. 
Incndesent [12:50 PM]:  ans ask very nicely. 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:53 PM]:  see now we have something else to do when yuo visit 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:53 PM]:  1. 99cent store 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:53 PM]:  2. sex shops 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:53 PM]:  3. suspend fruit  
Incndesent [12:53 PM]:  suspend fruit in me ?!?!?!?!?! 
Incndesent [12:53 PM]:  good god,  
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:54 PM]:  we're so so so odd 
Incndesent [12:54 PM]:  in the bestest way. 
Incndesent [12:54 PM]:  i think that conversation would go in the diary. 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:54 PM]:  definitely 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:55 PM]:  and people who came across it would quiver with jealousy that they weren't our friend too 
Incndesent [12:55 PM]:  quiver like...jello? 
dorkyfatgrrrl [12:55 PM]:  EXACTLY 
Incndesent [12:55 PM]:  lol!!!! 


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