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9:45 p.m. - 2003-06-15
I want a second opinion!
"Do you think I'm crazy?" Is always a very dangerous question...

Goobdink [9:20 PM]:  that's sorta creepy 

Incndesent [9:21 PM]: yes it is. i have no idea where they would have gotten that
idea, and i cant deny it if nobody brings it up, because that looks crazy.

Goobdink [9:22 PM]: why does that look crazy?

Incndesent [9:24 PM]: if i started denying a relationship without anyone saying
anything to me about it first? looks paranoid, or worse, like there IS a relationship
and im trying to hide it.

Goobdink [9:24 PM]: you ARE paranoid

Goobdink [9:24 PM]: generally speaking i mean

Goobdink [9:24 PM]: so it wouldn't be unusual

Incndesent [9:25 PM]: i am?

Goobdink [9:25 PM]: yes dear

Incndesent [9:26 PM]: ....why do you say that?

Goobdink [9:26 PM]: dun dun DUN

Incndesent [9:26 PM]: no seriously.

Goobdink [9:27 PM]: you've always been a little paranoid

Goobdink [9:27 PM]: how often have we had almost this exact same discussion?

Incndesent [9:27 PM]: weve never had this duscussion!

Goobdink [9:27 PM]: we've had very similar ones

Incndesent [9:27 PM]: you lie.

Goobdink [9:27 PM]: "i can't say that or else everyone will think i'm paranoid" is
like your catchphrase

Goobdink [9:28 PM]: woozle wozzle

Goobdink [9:28 PM]: or...

Goobdink [9:28 PM]: it could be

Goobdink [9:28 PM]: i'm making the whole thing up as part of an elaborate plot
devised by your alien overlords to drive you insane

Goobdink [9:28 PM]: but if that's true

Goobdink [9:28 PM]: then why would i just tell you

Goobdink [9:28 PM]: unless that was part of it

Incndesent [9:28 PM]: i think youre thinking of someone else...

Goobdink [9:29 PM]: sonya, you've always been vaguelly paranoid

Goobdink [9:29 PM]: as long as i've known you

Incndesent [9:29 PM]: like, "that-normal-paranoia-we-all-feel?"

Goobdink [9:29 PM]: which us all

Goobdink [9:30 PM]: i'm perfectly well adjusted

Goobdink [9:30 PM]: well

Goobdink [9:30 PM]: no

Goobdink [9:30 PM]: but we learn to smell our own

Incndesent [9:31 PM]: hhmm...

Incndesent [9:35 PM]: this conversation is making me paranoid...

Goobdink [9:35 PM]: yeah

Goobdink [9:35 PM]: i know

Incndesent [9:35 PM]: about. being. paranoid.

Goobdink [9:38 PM]: ok....


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