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11:44 p.m. - 2003-05-06
puttin' on the Ritz
Yesterday I brought over the last of my stuff from Rose's house. There was much hugging and melodramtaic, almost tearful, goodbyes. And thus ends the longest slumber party in history.

I watched "Young Frankenstien" again today and it remended me of this dream I had awhile ago. At the time there were two boys I liked very much and I couldnt decide which one I would persue. Wishing "X" were as smart as "Y" or that Y was as sweet as X. So I have this dream.....

Im in an empty white place. Sometimes a suggestion of scenery flashes a tree-lined street at me. Starting small and far away but rising quickly in my perspectinve is a Thing. Its shaped like a person but I know its a Creature. A Frankenstien conglomeration of X and Y (The book, not the movie) and as It gets closer I see It has Y's face and smirk and broad shoulders but X's long black hair and dark eyes and olive tan skin. A beautiful abomination. Its coming for me. I understand in that intuitive dream way that Its angry. I dont know whether I created It or just summoned It, but It knows It shouldnt exist and that I'm responsible. Its still getting closer and I see Its wearing the same clothes I am, my favorite t-shirt and jeans, only like its reflected in a mirror, the writting is backwords, and its hips and breasts start to get bigger, and the body becomes exactly like mine. It opens Its mouth to speak to me and 3 voices come out, all saying different things. Its trying to sound calm and jovial to keep me from running but I can hear the low growl of violence underneath the words. Its almost to me now and I start backing away and pleading, then all three of Its voices and my own say in unison "Im just you in different clothes"* and It reaches for me and I scream and scream and scream. Then I woke up. I told Rose about it a few days later over morning tea and she told me to write it down. She wants to make it into a short film.

*(This was the essence of a theory I had been contemplating a few weeks before this dream, which I will explain later.)


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