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1:35 p.m. - 2003-04-28


Flight: American Airlines flight 97 (Non-Stop)

Depart: San Jose, CA (SJC) - TERMINAL A

" Mon, May 19 at 6:55pm

Arrive: Kahului Maui, HI (OGG) - Terminal Information Unavailable

" Mon, May 19 at 9:12pm

Seats: 30E, 30F (Boeing 757 Jet)

Meal: Dinner

Status: Confirmation Code ------


Flight: American Airlines flight 82 (Non-Stop)

Depart: Kahului Maui, HI (OGG) - Terminal Information Unavailable

" Sun, May 25 at 10:54pm

Arrive: San Jose, CA (SJC) - TERMINAL A

" Mon, May 26 at 6:53am

Seats: 30F, 30E (Boeing 757 Jet)

Meal: No Meal Served

Status: Confirmation Code ------

In my head I'm already in Hawaii. I'm buying uncharacteristically light, summery, slightly bare clothing. Im gonna get a "base tan" if im capable, so i dont burn, and im gonna let my hair fade back to its natural color, though I'm not admitting what that is. My sister is going crazy planning events for us, and I keep trying to explain to her thats its not necissary. Im going to be perfectly happy lying on the beach in cutoffs and a t-shirt swimming/snorkling the entire time but shes determined to make a mission out of our vacation. The part youre really going to hate me for? I dont have to pay for any of it.


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