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2:15 a.m. - 2003-04-28
bug eating plants. DAMN thats cool.
"A house is just a big cover for your stuff." -George Carlin

I've got DSL again. YAY! Also digital cable, which has a rediculous amount of channels, but ive FINALLY got HBO so that, praise be to a merciful God, I can watch Six Feet Under. Amen.

We've got a fair amount of stuff moved into the new place. Pets, plants, and furniture. The cats are here with us now. They've been with my sister this whole time and I dont think any of the 3 of them were happy about that. We missed them and theyve definately missed us. We got some house plants, some kitchen herbs, and 2 tomato plants. And another venus flytrap for me. Someday i want a big terareum full of bug eating plants. Flytraps, ladyslippers, pitcherplants and sundews. So. Damn. Cool. The place is starting to feel like "mine" already.


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