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2:21 a.m. - 2003-04-03
stormy weather
It rained again today. Rain always makes me unspeakably happy. (Even when it means I'm stuck in a car for 2 hours while I wait for a movie.)

San Jose California has "nice" weather all year round. Its never THAT hot or THAT cold. Theres distinct "rainy" and "dry" seasons. I wish I had a backyard with some privacy again, so I could celebrate the first rain of every season by sitting outside, naked in a lawn chair sipping a fruity alchoholic drink with an umbrella in it. The umbrella is crucial. I wish I lived somewhere with violent summer storms, not only because theyre fun and exciting, and super-cool in that nerdy scientific way I enjoy so much, but because every rain that comes this time of year makes me afraid that its the last one. When it stops it doesnt start again until October or so.

There are compensations of course. Now is also the time of year when all the young eye candy starts dressing for spring, starting with all the blondest and tannest girls and working all the way down to me. (Im not pale because I fear the sun, i fear the sun because I am pale.) And there are these moments where I walk out of a cold, dark building, and a warm wind blows my hair soft and tickling across my naked back and arms and even I think all this this springtime sunshine might be worth it.


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