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2:25 a.m. - 2003-02-26
clean sheets
I never thought the day would come.

My queen sized bed takes up fully half of my new room, and still I would not give it up. Until now it has always been perfect. Just the right size. It may be because I dont have the cats here with me (those two warm little bundles of fur and evil can really take up alot of room when they want to) but lately my bed actually feels "too big." Cold and empty. Its just a comfort issue. A habit. You get used to sharing your bed with someone, whether man or cat and after awhile you cant get comfortable without them.

Truely, other than this one thing I dont feel lonely. To some freinds I'de like to be able to say:

"This isnt a line, but I'de like you to sleep over in the bed with me."

But it would still sound like a line. Or just neurotic.

Of course, to some certain other friend(s) I'de like to be able to say just:

"I want you to come over and sleep with me."

And right now I cant give you a good or compelling reason why I dont.

A warm living blanket of quivering contented man-flesh. Yum.


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